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Home Inspections in Draper, UT

From roof inspection to inspections of the outside grounds, we do it all. Our pleasant demeanor and wealth of knowledge have made us indispensable to home buyers and sellers throughout Draper, UT, and beyond. Contact us today and experience our trademark helpful attitude and fast response time for home inspections in Draper, UT.

Home Inspections in Draper, UT

Home Inspections in Draper, UT

Home Inspections

A house is like a living, breathing thing. Using up-to-date technology (as well as knowledge built up through decades of experience), we accurately determine the health of the structure in question. Our property inspection services give you the tools needed to analyze the condition of your home and let you know how to improve it. But we don't just assist buyers. If you are thinking of selling a property, allow us to inspect it and give you an advantage in the market!


Under 2500 Square Feet $275
2501 Square Feet - 3500 Square Feet $325
3501 Square Feet - 4500 Square Feet $375
4501 Square Feet - 6000 Square Feet $425
Anything Beyond 6001 Square Feet $500